Dear Students, Greetings!
When it comes to optional subjects for CSE, one starts pondering that what should be the most appropriate subject one should opt for, so that, one has to have the least efforts but the maximum gain. Hence generally they first look for syllabus and if an optional has less number of chapters/topics they want to go for that.
This is done when they have the least level of knowledge and experience about the UPSC examination. This approach to some extent can be considered appropriate but not necessarily a sound one because the level of challenges and competition in CSE demands hard work, thorough study, patience, self-confidence and perseverance, irrespective of what optional one has opted for. Therefore, one who aspires for an IAS must be prepared to go through this test if one is not lucky enough to qualify in the first attempt itself and it can happen with anyone.
It is from this perspective that the selection of an optional only on the basis of less numbers of chapters and topics will not work in long run unless one has an urge for the subject. When a candidate doesn’t qualify in the first attempt itself then thereafter, his struggle begins and it is at this stage,the real test of confidence and perseverance comes into picture. Without having a deeper interest in the subject, one cannot have confidence and will suffer from lack of focus in the study of that optional subject.
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