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Essay is about a long piece of article which demands self-insight, originality and ability to give an analytical view. It demands a different level of writing skill which include not only effective articulation but also giving a logical and coherent view.

Not all can be good at essay writing and for some, it is part and parcel of life. The role of philosophical essay has further complicated the matter for students.

We at Lukmaan IAS have guided hundreds of students in essay including AIR 13 of CSE 2023, AIR 05 of 2016, AIR 18 of 2018, AIR 53 of 2016 Manuj Jindal. Marks also have been secured as high as 160 by Avnindra Kumar CSE 2017.

The Essay Test Series has total seven tests based on the UPSC pattern. It means there are total 56 topics, of which more 40 topics are philosophical. We follow a blend of philosophical and subject-matter based topics so that students have practice on all variety of topics.

The Test Series is conducted under the supervision of S. Ansari who also takes discussion of the first two essay tests. The approach is to imbibe in students articulative, coherent and analytical skill with philosophical bent of mind so that they are able to match the demand of UPSC’s Essay. The program includes model answer, discussion, copy evaluations and mentoring.

Concession for Students who fulfil the following conditions:

50% Concession for -

1. An ex-student of Lukmaan IAS, and
2. Has qualified the UPSC CSE.

40% Concession for -

A candidate who has qualified UPSC CSE.

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“Since 2013, the UPSC has been changing its pattern and moving towards more Philosophical type essay. In 2018, Section B all four topics were based on philosophical type. And it was a surprise for students. But in 2019, this surprise became a shocker as in Section A, all four topics were not philosophical but rather based on philosophical ethics.
We at Lukmaan IAS since 2013 have followed this standard. We have been asking philosophical topics. In total 56 topics, we have almost 32 philosophical topics. We have also been teaching how to write a piece of content of 1000 words on your own terms rather than memorising and adopting some techniques of inter-linkages and following mechanically.
 we too have introduced a major shift due to the pattern of 2019. Now we will also have 32 philosophical / philosophical ethics topics. All philosophical ethics discussion taken by S. Ansari (the best teacher for Ethics Paper).

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