Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional -2025/26

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The Course Feature

  • Focus on conceptual clarity rather than remembering facts

  • The analytical understanding of sociology and thinkers

  • Understanding the interrelated sociological concepts of different sections

    Understanding section , subsection and its application

  • How to see current affairs from sociological lens

  • Application of Paper 1 in Paper 2

  • Test after every Unit

Abhijit Jha

Abhijit Nirja Jha

With teaching experience of more than 6 years, Abhijit Nirja Jha focuses on conceptual clarity while developing orientation with which current social problems can be related. He tries to develop an understanding of various theoretical perspectives for understanding current affairs. He has very vast knowledge and deeper understanding of sociology.
He teaches subjects like:
GS PAPER-I (Society)
Current Affairs
Sociology Optional
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