Talent Acquisition at Lukmaan IAS

The application process at Lukmaan IAS is pretty simple and straightforward. First, feel free to learn more about our institute and the open positions available. If you spot a position you’re interested in and qualified for, just complete our (short) application and submit your resume.
A member of our talent acquisition team will review your submission and if your experience aligns, we will reach out to schedule a call to have a conversation. And we do mean conversation. This is not only your first moment to put your best moment forward, but also a moment to ask questions about the role and working for Lukmaan IAS.
Our interview process is where things can get interesting – for both of us. Each functional area at Lukmaan IAS has a different order and process for interviewing, but all include a few behavioral and situational questions, and, always, time for you to ask questions.
We are an equal opportunity employer. So, we encourage everyone to apply for a post. If you are interested to work with us, please share your resume at hr@lukmaanias.com. We will get in touch with you, if we find your profile suitable for a post at Lukmaan IAS.
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