Essay is the presentation of any topic in a closed form. This closure means you introduce a topic and conclude the topic or your flight of imagination by summing up the whole exercise.

How this is done? You introduce the topic in the first paragraph, in the second paragraph you describe you are going to write , from the third you take one by one arguments, ideas, dreams and facts as the need be in a logical sequence. Finally, you conclude by summing all the points and giving your opinion.

You can definitely write an effective essay because you are already in to it. It simply requires your urge and will to write. We will simply tell you how to proceed in the right direction. You are young, energetic, you have the original ideas and you can fly on the wings of your wild imaginations. So why this pondering? Take an exercise book especially for your and only for your essays.


Write on anything which has been given on the middle editorial page of `HINDU`. Don’t copy it. Simply read that portion of the paper. Keep it aside. Write 1000 words, if not going 100 words, 200 words. You feel you are stuck up, you are not getting stated or simply you are not able to start it. Leave it. Start afresh. Next time.


See, what you have written? To correct it. To get you some material, to get you some information, some recent data, some of the points you might be missing, some steps you may feel difficult in taking. We simply provide you a helping hand.

Essay means practice. Everybody has practices to write essays; be it Fowler, David Nesfield or McMillan. You write your essays in the same exercise book. You always write the date and time when you are writing the essay. Don`t care for the language; you go on writing, language will take its own care. If something is left out, we are there to lift you out.


First read the instructions UPSC has announced regarding the Essay Paper. They say `Examiner will pay special attention to the candidates

  1. Grasp of the material
  2. It`s relevance to the subject chosen
  3. His/hers ability to think constructively and to present his/her ideas concisely, logically and effectively

This means you don’t write anything which is not directly related to the topic. Logically, indicates the arguments or ideas should be related to each otherand output ideas should come after cause ideas. Effective writing means you write in a positive way You present your ideas in cogent way.


No matter whatever is the topic of the essay, every topic has a broad type;

  1. Free essay: It is that in which one is given a free hand to write in an imaginative way. In the question paper of 2014, two essays were free. One was `Words are sharper than the two- edged sword, and the other was `Fifty golds in Olympics : can this be a reality for India?
  2. Open Essay: It is that in which you have of to provide all the dimensions of a particular topic
  3. Close Essay: It is that in which you have to a particular side and you have to prove that. Why is it called closed because from the word go you take a side and demolish the other side. In 2014 the essay on policy and implementation paralysis was a close essay.
  4. Analytical Essay: It is that in which one has to point out the plus and minus of every factor. In 2014 the essay Tourism: Can this be the next big thing for India? Was an analytical essay. In this one had to write the minus and plus of tourism, can this happen along with the cultural sensibilities of India?
  5. Synthetic Essay: It is that in which one has to present an integrated picture of the topic. In 2014 examinations the topic `Is the growing level of competition good for the youth? Competition harms but at the same time competition is needed.


You are asked to write essays in UPSC exams. Because the officer you intend to become has to write on files which the clerk would prepare and the honorable minister would read. You have to write the gist and the order. Once the UPSC realized new officers are not proficient enough to write on files, so they devised the essay paper. Therefore, remember you need not write literary language or flowery language. You have to write simple, effective and precise. The strategy therefore, is to write straight communicative prose.

So, the target or the objective of UPSC is to make you write the essay extempore in the exam. Hall. You want to write an essay which has been already prepared beforehand. This is the dialectics of the essay paper. They want you to think, design, construct and write the essay in the exam.Hall. Your shield is let there be a topic the threads of which has been anticipated well before.


Be cool when you get the paper not only in essay paper but in all papers. Some amount of nervousness is very normal. Don`t be alarmed that you are very nervous. Not to be nervous to some extent is rather abnormal. In essay paper you should maintain your cool a bit more because you expect the unexpected. In all other papers you have prepared certain answers, here you know the game is blind. So, once you get the paper never start writing immediately. Don`t do this even if you got a topic which has been already prepared in advance. Take your time, if the essay is not well prepared then think

  1. What should be your approach?
  2. What has to be the structure?
  3. What facts you will present?
  4. What arguments are in your armory?
  5. What should be the sequence of the arguments?


You start the essay with your best words. They need not be the choicest. You have the full freedom and discretion to start the essay in your style. The introduction of the essay means you begin by the apparent description. Simple features of the subject of the topic. For example, I you are to describe the boy or the girl you saw at the bus stand, you start with the appearance.

In 2014 an essay topic was, Tourism is going to be the future catch of Indian industry. How do you introduce? a) India, a land of wonders has been an inquisitive destination for long b) Then you present an outline of the facts and arguments you are going to present. C) Then you extend one by one d) Then you discuss normally the different aspects of the subject of the essay. E) Then you conclude. Nothing serious. Just a summary of everything you wrote. Normally you don`t take sides. In a scenario where you have distinct opinion Do take the side. In 2014 in the essay. we could not develop because of policy and implementation paralysis, you can take a side, yes, there was both.


In 2014 they changed the trend. From 2014, there would be two sections, each containing four essays, you have to write one essay from each section.Each essay of around 1000 to 1200 words. You are on advantage. You have some more choice. Remember no matter how many essays are there an element of expected uncertainty would be always there because they deliberately want to be unpredictable.


Despite all unpredictability’s we can anticipate some popular types of essays. There is every chance that the essay types would follow a pattern of expected types.

  1. Current Affair, Issues: These include the happenings, the conflicts, the issues, the debates and also protests. They include international, national events, Policy issues, Ecological issues, Public health, Economy, International trade, Political controversies.
  2. There can be Ethical topics, Metaphysical debates, Moral topics, Spiritual and Theological topics like `Can there be one religion for the whole humanity`?
  3. Women are now at the center stage. The movement is basically West centric but we are seriously affected because Indian women have definitely become active. They are a big issue now. You can always expect a woman related topic.
  4. The question of Indian economic growth and its comparison with China is a major topic now.
  5. Science and technology is always the in thing today. In an age when every beggar in Delhi has a cell phone, you have to accept the power of technology. In the coming days India will definitely go very high in technology. Do expect the rise of technology as a topic.
  6. Culture is life. It affects all. There are people who are opposing cartoons, there are some opposing novels. The very events to celebrate culture like the Oscar awards ceremony. How can we forget Cinema in India? It is the national pastime. You always expect a controversy in cinema to be topic of your essay.
  7. Last but not the least, the essay of the wild imagination. You should be careful in attempting such essays. In 2014 the essay `Words are sharper than the two- edged sword`.


We have planned a nine test essay course for you. Six out of these nine tests will be organized before the Preliminary examinations. You can write the essay any where, we mean in the Institute premises, in your room or wherever is convenient for you. The discussion will be on a fixed date in every fifteen days.

The Evaluation: we will evaluate the essays you have written on topics given by us. You can give us whatever essays you write any time. We will evaluate them. Write our comments on them and will definitely advise you on whatever we think fit. This is open invitation information.

The Material: You need to have material and sufficient information on whatever you write. Since you are preparing for the UPSC examination you collect all the information for your General Studies papers. We on our part will definitely provide you material for the topics we propose. We will also provide material for other topics. We have already suggested many essay types that we think are important. We will provide you material on all those topics.

The Post Prelims Session: We are proposing a post prelim session of three essay test programme. In that session we will be more pointed. We may extend the session without any extra burden on you. We hope with the well-designed essay course we are proposing you will definitely benefit. We have already told you practice is the panacea of the essay paper. Go on practicing. We are here to evaluate you, correct you, advise you and inspire you to your success.

With all the best wishes for a very successful and prosperous new year as well as for your success in UPSC Examinations.

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