Classroom Guidance

Our classroom programs are structured to provide in-depth knowledge of the subject along with relevant examples and cases. The faculty works with the students to help him gain the thought process that is relevant for answering the questions in the Exam.

Regular answer writing in the classes helps the candidate to practice as many questions from diverse topics in the subject. Individual interaction of the faculty with the candidate is one of the special features of our class program.

Candidate is also provided with the printed material and handouts.


 Schedule for Session-2017-18

Course Faculty Time
Public Administration Salamuddin Ansari 2 Pm – 5 Pm
GS Paper II
Salamuddin Ansari
GS Paper IV
 Salamuddin Ansari 9:30 am – 12 pm
Sociology Prof. M. Hussain 2 Pm – 5 Pm
Economics T.Roy Choudhary
Case Study Session
Salamuddin Ansari
ED classes  Salamuddin Ansari Every Sunday 10:30 am