The channels provide you all sorts of relevant free resources, reports, information and replies to the queries. They guide you from the begging to the end of your journey to become IAS. Some important FEATURES are as follows:

1. Daily Current Affairs-A News bulletin

2. WSDP (Writing Skill Development Program): Link for important articles, important quotes of the day, GS/ESSAY/ETHICS MAINS-BASED questions for daily writing practice COMPILED from newspapers/blogs/websites/online news media like the Print, the Quint and the Wire.

3. Daily Writing Practice: Every day one question for GS, Ethics and Optional Subjects and their model answers.

4. S Ansari and the Lukmaan Team guiding on how to write good answers?

5. Details analysis of civil services examination based on last five years reports of the UPSC

6. A separate forum for debate of optional subjects-how to opt optional subject?

7. PT MCQ and their answers & explanations

8. Weekly Current Affairs

9. ED(Editorial Discussion) CLASSES NOTES-the best substitute for current developments

10. Miscellaneous type of information/reports like the Economic Survey,etc.
Will you like to miss all such guidance and resources?

For Public Admin.…
For Ethics (G.S.IV)
For Political Science( PSIR)
For Geography Optional
Forum For UPSC IAS Optional Subjects
For Lukmaan IAS Sociology Optional
For Lukmaan IAS Law Optional
For Lukmaan IAS In Hindi Medium