It consists of eight to ten topics based on current developments in a week which is prepared very comprehensively by a team of experts in current affairs.
The classes are held every Sunday for three hours to teach all the 8-10 topics. The classes are important for developing an understanding and perspective. The topics are taught from 360 degree perspective to build a broad understanding regarding the topics. A candidate oneself may not be able to consult many sources for a topic and he may not be able to develop a right understanding on the topic as per the demand of the UPSC.
Since 2013, the pattern of the CSE EXAM by the UPSC has changed which has over fifty percent share of current developments, especially in GS PAPER-II & III. Even GS PAPER-IV is also very profoundly influenced by current developments, especially the case studies. Similarly, prelims has also its own share of current developments. More importantly, now the pattern of prelims and mains demands understanding-based knowledge as against fact-based knowledge in past.
The ranks like 05, 07, 56, 74, etc. speak themselves. In a year, a total over 300 topics are taught.
As we have given a SEVEN-STEP STRATEGY in which we have mentioned that more focus to current affairs should be given to later stage of preparation, first one should focus on conventional/static. So, at least first, there should be some knowledge about static sections other-wise it will be difficult to understand the inter-linkages. Still if one has a strong urge to know the current developments then one can join ED CLASSES in the beginning itself.
Every Thursday, WSDP based on ED CLASS is held in which four questions are given and then discussion is held which enhance students’ writing skills . Those who are online, they can send their answers and after evaluation mailed to them, they can talk to the designated Mentor.
Mostly, recorded videos are given as live-classes may create connectivity problems. The duration of the class is three hours.
There is one dedicated Mentor who will guide you throughout year but it depends on the students’ problems. There is no specific plan month-wise rather the plan is ED CLASS-wise.
Main focus is on MAINS. Prelims related classes are held only three months before the prelims. No Pt test, rather PT-MCQs are given.
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