Distance Guidance

The principal characteristic of our distance learning is that the student does not need to run from pillar to post for a never ending exercise of gathering relevant material. We provide the most updated and comprehensive distance guidance programme. A distance learning text is designed and written in a modular-format to help home-based students to learn themselves effectively.

Students can take tests or read our material that is provided through email/post.

Study Material 

Course Volumes Price*
General Studies Mains 9 5000
Public Administration 5 3000
ED Class Material (Soft Copy) Till Prelim 3000
Till Mains 6000
ED Class Material (hard copy) Till Prelim 3000
Till Mains 7000

*Postal/Courier charges are extra as per the location.

Test Series Program

Subject Tests Price
General Studies Prelim 20 5000
General Studies Mains 13 10000
Public Administration 12 12000
History 10 8000
Sociology 12 8000

Postal/Courier charges are inclusive.

Questions for all tests will be provided by email only(Soft Copy). Candidates are required to print the answer booklet (for main only) and send scan copy on our E.Mail I.D. for evaluation. The same will be sent back on your E.Mail I.D.