Why Anthropology?

  1. The syllabus of anthropology is definite and limited
  2. The concepts of anthropology are easy to understand and interesting .
  3. It’s Highly Scoring .
  4. Deals with contemporary issues.
  5. Anthropology gives opportunity to study many topics of the general studies like :
  • Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India
  • Effects of Globalization on Indian Society
  • Social Empowerment, Communalism, Regionalism and Secularism
  • role of NGO
  • Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and the performance of these schemes
  • Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources.
  • Land Reforms in India
  • Effects of liberalization
  • Challenges to internal security

How to prepare Anthropology  ?

  • Detailed understanding of all the topics.
  • Students should be unable to relate one topic to other topics that is Socio-cultural anthropology should be linked to Physical anthropology and Paper I to Paper II. Example:
  • Inbreeding should be linked to importance Incest taboos.
  • Tribal religions in India should be explained with help of theories on religion.
  • Proper understanding of Anthropological theories is Imperative as theories provide the approach to understand other topics.
  • Questions in exam swing between basics and contemporary issues, thus there is of  need of theoretical knowledge with current developments.
  • In paper II it is essential to show synthesis  of western and Indian theories in Indian context.
  • Keeping in touch with latest studies on caste, village and tribal’s should be one of priority of student in preparation of Paper II .
  • News related to Tribal Development/Welfare must be followed .

“Development of interrelationship among the topics and Presenting theoretical knowledge and current developments in  summarised form and simple language ,along with proper examples, helps to score good marks.”


Anthropology By Lukmaan IAS


LUKMAAN IAS offers three types of Classroom programes in Anthropology.





  • 4 months duration.
  • Its a cyclic batch(Admissions are open  from every new portion of syllabus)
  • Covered each & every portion of paper I & II of Syllabus.
  • Anthropology Mains Test Series included.(followed by their detailed discussion & model answers)
  • Its also includes Content Enrichment batch (after prelims),for revision & improvement of  syllabus.
  • Classes on Writing Skills.
  • Exam oriented printed materials for focused preparation.
  • Discussed all Major topics deeply.
  • Focused on clarity of thoughts.
  • Batch available in OFFLINE or ONLINE Mode.

NOTE:- Batch commences  every month with fresh topics.





  • Two months duration.
  • Covered Anthropology both paper(paper-I & II).
  • Pub.Ad Test Series included.(followed by their detailed discussion & model answers)
  • Classes designed for thoroughly revision of all syllabus & for performance improvement.
  • Classes on Writing Skills development programe.
  • Exam oriented printed materials for focused preparation.
  • Discussed all Major topics deeply.
  • Focused on clearity of thoughts.
  • Batch available in OFFLINE or ONLINE Mode.

NOTE:- Batch commences after the preliminary exam.





  • Batch Commences twice in a year after prelims & after mains exam.
  • Test Series covers each & every important aspects of Anthropology syllabus.
  • Its include sectional  & full length Mock Tests.
  • We provide MODEL ANSWERS & DISCUSSION CLASSES for each & every tests.
  • We also provide best copies of test series to all the students.
  • Discussion Classes are focused on deep analysis of question papers & clarity of thoughts.
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Suggested Reading:


Paper 1:

Socio-Cultural Anthropology:

  • Ember and Ember: Anthropology
  • Social anthropology by majumdar and madan

Physical Anthropology:

  • Nath : Physical Anthropology
  • M Das: Outlines of Physical Anthropology

Anthropological  Thought :

  • S. Upadhyay & Gaya Pandey
  • Makhan Jha
  • http://anthropology.ua.edu/cultures/cultures.php

Paper II:


  • K. Bhattacharya : An Outline of Indian Prehistory


Indian Anthropology :

  • Nadeem Hussnain : Indian Anthropology
  • N.Srinivas:Social Change in Modern India
  • Yoginder Singh : Modernization of Indian Traditions
  • NCERT (XI &XII) Sociology Text books

Tribal Anthropology :

  • Nadeem Hussnain : Tribal Anthropology
  • Annual reports: Ministry of Tribal Affairs
  • R C Verma: Indian Tribes
  • Tribal relevant articles in newspaper and Yojana